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Call of Duty Ghosts - All Rorke File Locations Guide

There are a total of 18 Rorke Files in Call of Duty Ghosts. Finding all of them will earn you the Audiophile trophy or achievement. Each mission has exactly one of these collectibles (18 missions in total). After picking up a file it will be saved immediately and automatically. Even if you die, you don't need to collect it again. You can also quit out to the main menu without having to reach the next checkpoint. Your progress will still be saved.
The game provides two types of progress trackers to see which Rorke Files you have already obtained. You can either go to "Campaign" and "Rorke Files" in the main menu, or pause the game during a mission and look at the bottom right corner.
If you miss a collectible, you can still get it after beating the story via mission select.



#1 - Ghost Stories
[Objective: Not Available]
After the sequence in space, you will be back on earth and see a short cutscene where you open a door. An earthquake is going on and you have to escape it. Run up the street until you come to a point where you have to jump over a car. Jump over it and while you walk through the next house (you can only go in one direction), you will see the very first Rorke File on the right, near the exit door.

#2 - Brave New World
[Objective: Not Available]
After shooting down the attack helicopter with the MAAWS rocket launcher, you will have to get in the back of the MATV. You will now be driving to a camp of your allies. As soon as you exit the vehicle, go up the stairs and to the third floor. The Rorke File is on the big table in the middle of this computer room.

#3 - No Man's Land
[Objective: Gather Intel on the Federation activity in this area]
A few minutes into the mission, you will come to a large outside area with an old, broken windmill in the middle. Some enemies will be shooting at you from where the windmill is. Make your way past them and you will have to go through a building. It's the only building nearby and inside you will find the Rorke File of this mission.

#4 - Struck Down
[Objective: Rescue Ajax]
You will come to a point where you have to breach a door. When you breach it, everything will be in slow motion and there are lots of enemies in the room. The Rorke File is in the same room. After killing everyone, look in the lockers on the left side from where you entered.

#5 - Homecoming
[Objective: Get to the Front Lines]
In the very beginning of this mission, you will go through a small camp of your allies and into a small house. Before you go upstairs, look on the left side of the ground floor. The Rorke File is on a table, in the corner of the room.

#6 - Legends Never Die
[Objective: Locate Almagro]
Shortly after the city is being flooded, you will fall into the water. Rorke will help you out, but you will lose all your weapons. Kill the two enemies ahead of you with your knife and when you go outside, you will have to cross a long platform to get to the building on the opposite site. Once you enter that building, there are 2 enemies guarding the roke file of this mission. It's where the enemies are standing.

#7 - Federation Day
[Objective: Capture the HVT]
After you rappel down the skyscraper and cut open the window, you will find this file in a room to your left. It's on the opposite side of the server room main objective. However, when you enter the room with the file, you can only see its back and not the bright screen. Since the room is quite dark you might need to walk around a little to see the screen from a better angle.

#8 - Birds of Prey
[Objective: Find Rorke]
At the very end of the mission, after gaining control of the ground soldiers for the second time, this file can be found on the desk of Mr. Rorke himself. Since its your main objective to capture him, you cannot miss this room. Make sure to pick it up quickly before the mission ends!

#9 - The Hunted
[Objective: Regroup with Ghosts]
A few minutes into the mission, you will come to an area with some burning rubble and need to go up the hill to meet up with two of your teammates. There is a waterfall to the left of where your teammates are waiting. The Rorke File is next to this waterfall.

#10 - Clockwork
[Objective: Get into Base undetected]
Immediately after the lights go out and you are required to activate the night vision goggles, you will have to go through a security checkpoint. Behind that is an office area. There's only one office you can actually enter and it's in the center of the room. The Rorke File is sitting in the table of this office room.

#11 - Atlas Falls
[Objective: Shut off the pressure Regulators]
Shortly after using the grapnel gun, you will have to kill some enemies, clear the common room and end up in a control room where only one enemy awaits. Your teammate will take out the enemy and ask you to activate the console. In the same small room is the Rorke File. It's on the right side of where you enter.

#12 - Into the Deep
[Objective: Regroup at the Rally point]
After using the torpedo to blow up the warship, you will have to follow your teammate until you are being attacked by a group of enemies. After you swim through an old, rusty tanker (into the area where the enemies await), the Rorke File will be slightly to your right, at the bottom of the ocean, on the first rock you see. However, the file needs some time until it appears (it's slowly dropping to the bottom of the ocean from above). So kill all of the enemies first to ensure it will be where it's supposed to be.

#13 - End of the Line
[Objective: Upload visual scans of the weaponized Rods]
Shortly after infiltrating the "Black Zone" (see in-game objectives) you will go through a small white tunnel and into a huge room. In the center of this room is a huge satellite with several rockets at its tip. Immediately after you enter this room, go down the small set of stairs and turn around to see this rorke file sitting on a box.

#14 - Sin City
[Objective: Escape]
After going through the Egyptian-styled casino, your teammate will raise a gate for you. Crouch under it and immediately look to your left to find this Rorke File in a sitting area.

#15 - All or Nothing
[Objective: Get to the Flight deck]
Immediately after the mission starts, turn around and look for this Rorke File in one of the bunks.

#16 - Severed Ties
[Objective: Reach the Train]
After launching the missile, go down the stairs and wait for your teammate to open the door. Now head right and you will find a small side room. The Rorke file is in that room, on one of the computer terminals.

#17 - Loki
[Objective: Get to the controle module]
About two minutes after the mission starts, an explosion will happen and you will see a very short cutscene which causes you to fly through outer space. After this sequence is over, you will see two enemies. Kill them and look to your left. Near a shiny orange structure is the Rorke File flying is space. It moves around a little, so get it quickly.

#18 - The Ghost Killer
[Objective: Find Rorke]
You can find the last of all Rorke Files in the same room where the mission starts. Just turn around and look for it in the corner of the room. Congratulations! You have now found all Rorke Files and the Audiophile trophy / achievement is yours!


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